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Book Synopsis

This book is written in plain and non-partisan English for the average reader.

It answers these three questions:

  • Where are we?
  • How did we get here?
  • How do we get back?

Early in the book, the case is clearly made that we are at war with Islamic extremism and that these Jihadist’s exist in two distinct forms; violent and non-violent. Violent Islamic extremism is, of course, terrorism where non-violent or “stealth” Jihad is the slow transformation of America and the West’s mostly Christian culture with one more and more Islamic in nature. This book is anything but an indictment of Islam, rather it is an indictment of radical Islamism. Re-United Sates is endorsed by leading Muslim and Arab activists who are out in front of this epic battle between Islamic fundamentalism and the West. What makes this book so valuable and unique is the way that it provides just enough background to allow virtually any reader to easily answer the first two questions above.

This is achieved through a “pocket history” of the major religions followed by a synopsis of the geo-political circumstances in America, Europe, Russia, China, and the Middle East responsible for creating this dangerous era. Next is an honest, fresh, and revealing analysis of today’s America independent of the agendas of any side, be it conservative, liberal, Democrat, or Republican. American’s will appreciate the lack of partisan politics combined with the unique candor and highly educational nature of this book.

Finally, in the “Solutions” chapter, from the author’s perspective as a physician, and mindful of our nation’s preoccupation with “rehab,” he offers a “prescription” for national rehabilitation. This 12 x 12-step plan encourages Americans to revise our collective mindsets, embrace our similarities, and finally, focus our national attention squarely on the challenge of Islamic extremism.Buy Re-United States now at the following retailers online or at a store near you.

Buy it now at the following retailers.