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I have co-authored several medical research papers, a book on geriatric medicine (one of my specialties, along with family medicine), dozens of position papers as a primary care representative and physician leader, and articles for popular magazines in both health care and terrorism preparedness.  I am also a contributing writer at Andrew Breitbart’s  I deeply believe that ordinary people can effect extraordinary change in the world, particularly in divisive times such as these. Consistent with the spirit of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, an inspirational 1775 pamphlet that helped spark the American Revolution, this book is written with the belief that sometimes an average person can be more credible than the pundits and leaders. I harbor a deep patriotism and a hope for this nation despite the flaws that it, like all nations, struggles with.

Americans are caught in what seems to be a perpetual state of obstructive, rather than constructive, national dialogue. Through education, books such as Re-United States will advance our national dialogue on Islamic extremism that will bleed into the psyche of our nation. Then, finally with renewed unity, purpose, and vigor, we will effectively combat this danger.

-Dr. Marc F Weisman