What does NASA and Islam have in common?

//What does NASA and Islam have in common?

What does NASA and Islam have in common?

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Charles Bolden, NASA’s Administrator, gave an interview with Al Jazeera’s Imran Garda on June 17th during a Middle East trip. Consistent with a comment he made last February to a group of engineering students, he stated that President Obama directed him to make “reaching out to the Muslim world a priority for the space agency”. I don’t know, maybe it’s me but this seems like a very odd directive. What on earth (or above earth) does space exploration have to do with Muslim outreach? Only one thing; this president’s pre-occupation with appeasement to Islam in the false belief that doing so will neutralize the Islamist’s goal to have dominion over the world.


“Former NASA Director Says Muslim Outreach Push ‘Deeply Flawed’

this article  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/07/06/nasa-official-walks-claim-muslim-outreach-foremost-mission/