The True Face of Radical Islamism Revealed in Recent Poll

//The True Face of Radical Islamism Revealed in Recent Poll

The True Face of Radical Islamism Revealed in Recent Poll

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Posted by Dr. Marc Weisman Dec 20th 2010 at 8:47 am in IslamIslamic extremismMedia Criticism,ObamaTerrorismUncategorizedshariaComments (82)

When undeniable information is released that reveals the true radical face of Islamism at home or abroad, leftists simply cannot accept it for what it is—the truth. They say that even if a link between Islam and violent action can be incontrovertibly proven “over there,” in America there is no such problem. We are at the crossroads of the same path that Europe traveled a few years ago; we can choose to move right or left. Western Europe turned left on that path, and it led to a radical Islamization of much of the continent. I pray that we have the wisdom to turn right.

For those of you who do not know, there is a somewhat rare type of stroke that leaves a patient completely unaware of their entire right side. In the medical profession, we call it Right Hemiagnosia, or more colloquially, “right neglect.” I finally figured out what the heck is wrong with the Obama administration: they suffer from right neglect.

Last month, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel had this to say about Islam in Germany: “Our experiment with [Islamic assimilation and] ‘cultural pluralism’ has utterly failed.” Other European nations have begun to reaffirm this. Sweden recently passed laws outlawing minarets, France has enacted tough new laws limiting the immigration of Muslims who do not seem to desire assimilation into French society, and the Danes are looking to similarly restrict radical Muslim immigration.

This month, the Pew Research Center provides some interesting information, specifically with regards to why Islamic multiculturalism has failed. Their most recent poll on this subject is titled, “The Great Divide: How Westerners and Muslims view each other.” Two distinct populations were surveyed: six Muslim-majority countries and four Western European countries, each with large and growing Muslim minorities.

Many of its findings are unsettling to say the least. In every Muslim nation surveyed, the majority does notbelieve that Arabs carried out the September 11 terrorist attacks against America. They actually believe that Americans, Israelis, or some other undefined group of people carried out the attacks. Just think about the level of disinformation and mind-boggling self-deception that must prevail throughout the Muslim world to generate this wacky notion. As Daniel Pipes alluded to in an essay earlier this week, Islam remains immersed in conspiracy theories and other wild acts of collusion. Because this fiction is far more palatable than the truth—apparently to a majority of Muslims—one sees how today’s brand of Islam has been slow to embrace modernity.

On the ever-popular and revelatory subject of terrorism, there is a host of troubling poll findings. Osama Bin Laden is still widely revered in most Muslim communities. Favorable views of Al Qaeda, although down considerably, are still nearly 20% in Pakistan and Egypt, 23% in Indonesia—which is the most populated Muslim country—34% in Jordan, and nearly 50% in Nigeria. Muslim support for suicide bombings, although lower than previous polls in some countries by double digits, remains ominously popular. Amongst German Muslims, there is still a 13% approval rating of suicide bombings; in Lebanon, 39%; in Nigeria, 34%; in Egypt, that figure is just over 20%. Let’s not forget that the PEW poll two years ago in America revealed that among young U.S. Muslims, 1 in 4 approve of suicide bombings.

Even more disturbing to the discerning reader are the responses to questions that undeniably reflect the chasm between the modern world and much of Islam. Hundreds of millions of Muslims reject civility for the crude violence of yesteryear. 80% of Muslims in Egypt and Pakistan, as well as 70% of those surveyed in Jordan and 56% in Nigeria, are supportive of ferocious whippings and the cutting off of hands for crimes like theft and robbery. 82% in Pakistan and 77% in Egypt favor making this type of punishment the law in their countries, as do 65% of Muslims in Nigeria and 58% in Jordan. Even more revealing is that more than three-quarters of all Muslims in Jordan (86%), Egypt (84%), and Pakistan (76%) say they would favor a law that would kill any Muslim that forsakes Islam. Is it really any wonder why so many Muslims have difficulty assimilating?

Is anyone shocked that there has been a lack of worldwide press coverage of these damning findings?  I think not. We have grown so accustomed to this bias that we barely recognize it anymore.  This complacency actually worries me more than the senselessness of these Muslims themselves. I am still waiting to hear from the “moderate” Muslims that I know are out there (although many of you disagree). Frankly, I’m also waiting for more of us to scream from the rooftops that this is a serious problem—one that requires our attention, not our appeasement.

Instead of common-sense action and shouts of righteous indignation, I awakened yesterday to an almost unbelievable story that involves U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. His Justice Depatment is suing a suburban Chicago public school system for declining the outrageous demands from a Muslim teacher, Safoorah Kahn, of just 9 months employment to take a three-week hiatus from school to attend “The Pilgrimage,” or Hajj: a trip to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, which is a tenet of Islam. He is demanding they reinstate Khan with back pay and pay her compensatory damages. Are you kidding me? Can you imagine Holder taking to task a school that denied a Christian a 4-week trip to the Vatican for Lent?  Or a Jew demanding a trip to Jerusalem for the High Holidays? I have come to expect Islamist appeasement from this president, but this is beyond the Pale. I ask again: is anyone surprised at this outrageous action? Where is the mainstream media in covering this latest abomination (or Obama-nation)? Again, I suggest that we have grown so accustomed to the media’s and this administration’s right-neglect that we barely react to it anymore.

We need to urge our president and left-leaning Americans to wake up, smell the Turkish coffee, and join us in national conversation on how we can avoid the disaster unfolding in Europe. I can assure you that this administration’s unabashed mollification to slow (stealth) Jihad is exactly the wrong thing to do.