Choosing the Right Path

//Choosing the Right Path

Choosing the Right Path

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November 5, 2012

Choosing the Right Path

Marc Weisman

Make no mistake: one of two Americas will emerge on 7 November, and I hope and pray that it is the right America.

The right America will end this president’s crusade to divide us by color, gender, income, and any other appeal to our tribal nature.  Never has an American president been so divisive.  The right America will respect our military and the tenet that peace is attained only through strength — both economic and military.  The right America will unequivocally support our allies and stand up to, and not bow before, our enemies.

The right America will re-establish the nuclear defense umbrella in Eastern Europe and actually support rather than endlessly spar with one of our closest allies, Israel.  The right America will tell Russia’s Medvedev (and his boss Putin) that now that our election is over, we will show them resolve rather than the “flexibility” president Obama was caught, on a live microphone, secretly and shamefully offering them.

The right America will stop prevaricating in an attempt to appease Islam and Islamists.  The right America will actually label terrorism as terrorism, not man-caused disasters (Secretary Napolitano kowtowing to Islamists in a session of Congress) or workplace violence (Secretary Panetta on Fort Hood) or mob violence (President Obama, U.N. ambassador Rice, Jay Carney, and company).

The right America will not ceaselessly apologize to the world for America.  And as it has been said, no, we do not dictate to our friends and allies; we release them from dictators.

The right America will reward and not denigrate successful entrepreneurs and business owners.  The right America will reverse the shameful entitlement trends of the Obama years, including welfare recipients increasing from 32 million to 49 million, those who pay no federal income tax ballooning from 33% to 49.5%, and disability applicants increasing to record highs.  The right America will stop the frenetic spiral of U.S. borrowing and spending under this administration from a $10T to $16T national debt.

The right America will repeal the raid on Medicare coffers to fund ObamaCare.  The right America will, of course, end the obscenity that is ObamaCare — a law unilaterally concocted in Senator Reid’s office, with no Republican or independent in sight.

The right America is a compassionate, charitable, liberty-promoting safe haven that is and has always been the greatest hope for the future of all people.  We have witnessed a president who sees America and the world through foreign eyes.  He is halfway through a grotesque and misguided transformation of our nation.  Shame on the president for pretending to be someone he wasn’t in order to win in 2008.  Shame on us if we do not recognize our error and reject his re-election in 2012.

America as we know it — knew it — simply cannot survive four years of an unrestrained lame-duck Obama term.