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blog-post / Score One for the Good Guys

The Texas Supreme Court, in a potentially far-reaching decision, took the wind from the sails of “Lawfare Islamists” on January 15, 2010 when they denied a petition to revisit a lower court decision dismissing a defamation suit against journalist Joe Kaufman. Mr. Kaufman, represented by the Ann Arbor, Michigan based Thomas Moore Law Center, is a journalist who dared to criticize Islamic extremism. Legal intimidation against those who speak out against violent and non-violent Jihad is a favorite tactic by stealth Jihadists. They bring expensive lawsuits against their detractors in an effort to stifle all criticism of radical Islam as they craftily use our own legal system against us. I cover this topic in my book Re-United States. Once again the Thomas More Law Center headed by previous Oakland County prosecutor  Richard Thompson, comes to the rescue of those who take great risk trying to protect and preserve the America that most of us do not even know is under serious attack.  MW

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