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The left's Russia narrative has no legs

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January 5, 2017

The left’s Russia narrative has no legs
By Marc Weisman

WikiLeaks released all the DNC, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta emails that were in play during the 2016 presidential election. Julian Assange claims he did not receive any of these emails from Russia, Russia-related individuals, or Russian agents. He received them all from a “private, non-state party.” Assange was not provided any similar data regarding Trump and the RNC, so he had none to release. In the last election cycle, let’s not forget, he released Sarah Palin’s emails, which backs up his claim that he is non-partisan in his promulgation of political leaks.

Whether you view Assange as heroic or treacherous, the veracity of his releases is not contested. Therefore, if these revelations did impact the election results, it is the deplorable actions of Hillary Clinton and DNC that show who is responsible – the message, if you will, not the messenger we ought to blame. This does not advance the narrative of the left, however, who must find a more palatable explanation for the Clinton loss. Hence the Russians.

Whatever the Russians may or may not have hacked – and we attempt to breach each other’s security daily – it was certainly not the Clinton and DNC emails. Even if they did, they never released them. Therefore, the entire argument that the Russians ostensibly “rigged the election” by releasing private stolen emails to favor a Trump win is utterly false. Obviously, we all want to protect American public and private entities from hacking, but what does that have to do with the price of salt? Nothing.

This false narrative is ridiculous on two counts. First, the Russians do not want Trump. Trump is a wild card. He is pro-military and is not a guy who likes sand kicked in his face. President Obama has utterly failed to contain Russia – they have taken Crimea and injected themselves into the Middle East after being shut out by previous U.S. presidents for 40 years. Consider Syria, the shameful Iran deal, and the fact that Egypt is again buying Russian weapons after Obama shunned President El-Sisi. Russia is also not so surreptitiously trying to take Ukraine by force. Obama has done nothing to stop any of this. Trump is a tough guy, and it is hard to imagine the Russians believing they will do better with him in the White House.

The second reason is that there is a much better explanation for the liberal’s false narrative. The left must explain how Hillary lost in a way that does not add insult to injury. Blaming her embarrassing loss on voter fraud failed when Trump was awarded even more votes in the Wisconsin recount. The “angry white men argument” failed. Blaming FBI director James B. Comey for his efforts to vet all of the Clinton emails also failed to bear fruit.

The Democratic Party simply cannot accept that many of the so-called blue states (Mich., Ohio, Penn., Wis.) are again in play in future elections. The corollary of this is simple: their votes must now be earned by Democrats, not just automatically awarded to them.

This is precisely why the press, the left, and the Dems are promoting an obviously false storyline. This corruption perfectly exemplifies why they lost so many governorships, so many congressional seats (both state and federal), and the White House.

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