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A Rose By EVERY Other Name…

The New York Times, once again exercising tortured journalistic standards, goes out of its way to avoid labeling Islamic terrorism as… well, Islamic terrorism.   In apparent lock-step with the Obama administration where the War On Terror is now called the Overseas Contingency Operation and Islamic terrorism is now called Man caused Disasters, the NYT is at it again. In the NYT Sunday (March 14) edition an article about the man referred to as the “Russian Osama Bin Laden”, Said Buryatsky, is reported to have been killed by Russian authorities. Buryatsky, a convert to Islam, is believed to be responsible for the deadliest attack in the North Caucasus in the last four years, when a suicide bomber killed at least 20 and injured 138 at a police headquarters in Ingushetia. The NYT, in covering this story, completely left out the “Islamic” part of the story-which, of, course, is the story. No mention of his being a convert to Islam, being an Islamist terrorist, being referred to as Russia’s Bin Laden—nothing at all. Unabashed politically correct appeasement is still alive and well at the NYT. MW


THE New York Times (SANITIZED ) VERSION: March 14, 2010 Sunday Times, Section A, page 12 (No URL for this)

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