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Can you say; J-i-h-a-d?

Daniel Pipes blog regarding the Faisal Shahzad bombing attempt in New York (see link below) is spot on. I find it inexplicable that each new Islamic terror event is described as anything but Islamic terrorism by much of the media and the government. The almost hysterical lengths at which they will go to avoid labeling Jihad as “Jihad” are nothing short of bizarre.  Consider these statements regarding the recent failed attempt to detonate yet another vehicle, this one in Times Square:

CBS News: “It isn’t clear if more suspects are at large OR what the motive could be.”

Nadeem Haider Kiani: spokesman for the Pakistani embassy in Washington: it’s too soon to tell exactly what motivated the bomber but early indications suggest he is “a disturbed individual.”

Law enforcement: (as reported by NY1): “Investigators say they still have no motive for Shahzad’s actions.” (May 5, 2010)

Cable News Network: “It can confirmed that his house has been foreclosed in recent years. I mean, one would have to imagine that brought a lot of pressure and a lot of heartache on that family.”

Attorney General Eric Holder: House Judiciary Committee interview on 5.13.2010: “Do you feel these Islamic extremists such as Shahzad are motivated by radical Islam? Holder: “ There are a number of reasons why these individuals act this way”…Senator Smith-again “ Is radical Islam ONE such reason? Holder: “There are a variety of reasons…..Smith again: “Yes, but is radical Islam is ONE possible reason?…Holder: “I don’t want to say anything negative about a religion…”   This two minute video is uncomfortable to watch but I recommend you DO watch it—see link below.

Talk about connecting the dots. I wonder if the worldwide schooling of Muslims by Imams and Muslim leaders that America, the West, Christians, and Jews are infidels that must be overcome through Jihad has anything to do with it? Or perhaps the stated goal of al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Hezbollah, Hamas or the other hundred or so Islamic terrorist organizations and the hatred they spew plays a role? How about the 72 virgins awaiting the killers of infidels? Isn’t it clear yet that our failed strategy of blind tolerance of the pathologically intolerant isn’t working out so well? Unless and until we hold all of the enablers of Jihad, violent and non-violent accountable, we have little hope of stemming the growth of radical Islam. Let’s start with rescinding the pass that Islamists have enjoyed for far too long. This is the core premise of my book, Re-United States.

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