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Is Hamas enough to wake up the slumbering American people? October 30, 2023

Is Hamas enough to wake up the slumbering American people?

By Marc Weisman

History’s great events are often created by crisis.  The reprehensible, barbaric terrorism perpetrated by Iranian proxies (Hamas) on October 7 has cracked open a window in our country that has the potential to finally arouse us to see what we have become.  Is it possible that Israel’s tragic crisis can serve as our own catalyst for change?

The reaction to the massacre of October 7 at our great universities, among much of our media, and from some of our congresspeople might be nothing less than shocking.  Most conservatives are not shocked, just sickened, but many liberals are shocked because they have not been paying attention to the so-called “Great Reset” or “transformation” of America.

Well, this is it.  Do you like what you see?  Does Manhattan look more like Karachi than you remember?  Los Angeles like Riyadh?  HarvardCornellStanford, or the University of Michigan like Cairo University?  Dare to peer through the window, and you will see thousands of crazed, screaming “students” hurling spittle as they glorify and justify the beheading and burning of infants, the slicing open of live pregnant women, the shooting and killing of hundreds at a peace concert, and the kidnapping of 80-year-old Holocaust-survivors.

Our young people’s reaction to these acts of pure barbarism would have been unimaginable just 10 or 15 years ago.  How are we so malleable to have been transformed so radically?

In America, the tail (leftists) has been wagging the dog (liberals) for two decades.  The Democrat party has lost its center, and most liberals just haven’t paid attention as they blindly support what they’d like to believe is the party of their parents, the party of John Kennedy.  But it isn’t.  It’s the party of Omar, AOC, and Tlaib.  The vocal, aggressive, radical minority often dominates the quiet majority, and in American liberal precincts, this is certainly the case.

Back to our window.  If you crack it open just a little wider you might see the extent of this “transformation”: the substitution of “equity” for meritocracy, the rekindling of the lie that most whites are racists and Martin Luther King failed, American shame (1619 Project) for American exceptionalism, the police are malevolent and must be defunded, heterosexuality is “out” and every other sexual orientation is “in,” biological sex is malleable, and if you long to see our southern border protected you are a hateful bigot.  And finally, Jews in Israel, the land of the Jews from the days of Moses and Abraham, the twelve tribes of Israel in the Book of Joshua right up until today, are somehow “settlers and colonizers” who must be eradicated.  All of this is leftist deconstruction coming home to roost, and we all have a front seat to witness it.

There is a great scene in Field of Dreams where Mark (Timothy Busfield) just cannot see the ballplayers right in front of him the whole movie…until Dr. Archibald Wright (Burt Lancaster) steps off the field to perform the Heimlich on the choking girl (Gaby Hoffman).  Suddenly, miraculously, Mark sees it all: the players, the field, the magic.  Can this Israeli tragedy wake America from our long slumber?  Let’s hope so, because if we can see it, we can fix it.

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