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Can you say; J-i-h-a-d?

Daniel Pipes blog regarding the Faisal Shahzad bombing attempt in New York (see link below) is spot on. I find it inexplicable that each new Islamic terror event is described as anything but Islamic terrorism by much of the media and the government. The almost hysterical lengths at which they will go to avoid labeling Jihad as “Jihad” are nothing short of bizarre.  Consider these statements regarding the recent failed attempt to detonate yet another vehicle, this one in Times Square:

CBS News: “It isn’t clear if more suspects are at large OR what the motive could be.”

Nadeem Haider Kiani: spokesman for the Pakistani embassy in Washington: it’s too soon to tell exactly what motivated the bomber but early indications suggest he is “a disturbed individual.”

Law enforcement: (as reported by NY1): “Investigators say they still have no motive for Shahzad’s actions.” (May 5, 2010)

Cable News Network: “It can confirmed that his house has been foreclosed in recent years. I mean, one would have to imagine that brought a lot of pressure and a lot of heartache on that family.”

Attorney General Eric Holder: House Judiciary Committee interview on 5.13.2010: “Do you feel these Islamic extremists such as Shahzad are motivated by radical Islam? Holder: “ There are a number of reasons why these individuals act this way”…Senator Smith-again “ Is radical Islam ONE such reason? Holder: “There are a variety of reasons…..Smith again: “Yes, but is radical Islam is ONE possible reason?…Holder: “I don’t want to say anything negative about a religion…”   This two minute video is uncomfortable to watch but I recommend you DO watch it—see link below.

Talk about connecting the dots. I wonder if the worldwide schooling of Muslims by Imams and Muslim leaders that America, the West, Christians, and Jews are infidels that must be overcome through Jihad has anything to do with it? Or perhaps the stated goal of al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Hezbollah, Hamas or the other hundred or so Islamic terrorist organizations and the hatred they spew plays a role? How about the 72 virgins awaiting the killers of infidels? Isn’t it clear yet that our failed strategy of blind tolerance of the pathologically intolerant isn’t working out so well? Unless and until we hold all of the enablers of Jihad, violent and non-violent accountable, we have little hope of stemming the growth of radical Islam. Let’s start with rescinding the pass that Islamists have enjoyed for far too long. This is the core premise of my book, Re-United States.

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A Rose By EVERY Other Name…

The New York Times, once again exercising tortured journalistic standards, goes out of its way to avoid labeling Islamic terrorism as… well, Islamic terrorism.   In apparent lock-step with the Obama administration where the War On Terror is now called the Overseas Contingency Operation and Islamic terrorism is now called Man caused Disasters, the NYT is at it again. In the NYT Sunday (March 14) edition an article about the man referred to as the “Russian Osama Bin Laden”, Said Buryatsky, is reported to have been killed by Russian authorities. Buryatsky, a convert to Islam, is believed to be responsible for the deadliest attack in the North Caucasus in the last four years, when a suicide bomber killed at least 20 and injured 138 at a police headquarters in Ingushetia. The NYT, in covering this story, completely left out the “Islamic” part of the story-which, of, course, is the story. No mention of his being a convert to Islam, being an Islamist terrorist, being referred to as Russia’s Bin Laden—nothing at all. Unabashed politically correct appeasement is still alive and well at the NYT. MW


THE New York Times (SANITIZED ) VERSION: March 14, 2010 Sunday Times, Section A, page 12 (No URL for this)

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You've Got To Be Killing Me…I Mean Kidding Me

Consistent with the premise of my book, Re-United States, a group of Muslim-American scholars (the Fiqh Council of North America) issued a religious edict this week that counsels Muslims not to submit to body scanner screenings at airports. They say that these imaging devices are contrary to Shari’a law as they interpret prohibitions against nudity in the Quran. “It is a violation of clear Islamic teachings that men or women be seen naked by other men and women,” says the fatwa, which of course was supported by CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. This is despite the fact that “screening images [which are chalk-like outlines devoid of private parts—not photographs] are automatically deleted, and the officer viewing the image will never see the passenger,” according to the TSA.

Hmm, let me get this straight. The reason we need these scanners in the first place is that roughly 5-10% of Muslims worldwide (PEW poll numbers) support violence against infidels and their preferred terror plot is to blast innocent people out of aircraft traveling 600 mph at 35,000 feet. To these Jihadist scholars, however, the flying public’s irreproachable concerns take a “back seat” to these radical Islamic leaders twisted interpretation of the Quran and total disrespect for the Western world in which they have chosen to live. It would be hard to come up with a better example of “stealth Jihad”—the slow but steady erosion of the West’s freedoms as we are shamed into accommodating more and more of Islamic society in our own lands. I hope and pray that I am not the only one insulted and offended by these Islamists. MW

Detroit Free Press, Niraj Warikoo; Feb 12, 2010

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blog-post / Score One for the Good Guys

The Texas Supreme Court, in a potentially far-reaching decision, took the wind from the sails of “Lawfare Islamists” on January 15, 2010 when they denied a petition to revisit a lower court decision dismissing a defamation suit against journalist Joe Kaufman. Mr. Kaufman, represented by the Ann Arbor, Michigan based Thomas Moore Law Center, is a journalist who dared to criticize Islamic extremism. Legal intimidation against those who speak out against violent and non-violent Jihad is a favorite tactic by stealth Jihadists. They bring expensive lawsuits against their detractors in an effort to stifle all criticism of radical Islam as they craftily use our own legal system against us. I cover this topic in my book Re-United States. Once again the Thomas More Law Center headed by previous Oakland County prosecutor  Richard Thompson, comes to the rescue of those who take great risk trying to protect and preserve the America that most of us do not even know is under serious attack.  MW

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