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The Texas Supreme Court, in a potentially far-reaching decision, took the wind from the sails of “Lawfare Islamists” on January 15, 2010 when they denied a petition to revisit a lower court decision dismissing a defamation suit against journalist Joe Kaufman. Mr. Kaufman, represented by the Ann Arbor, Michigan based Thomas Moore Law Center, is a journalist who dared to criticize Islamic extremism. Legal intimidation against those who speak out against violent and non-violent Jihad is a favorite tactic by stealth Jihadists. They bring expensive lawsuits against their detractors in an effort to stifle all criticism of radical Islam as they craftily use our own legal system against us. I cover this topic in my book Re-United States. Once again the Thomas More Law Center headed by previous Oakland County prosecutor  Richard Thompson, comes to the rescue of those who take great risk trying to protect and preserve the America that most of us do not even know is under serious attack.  MW

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"Crotch Bomber"; Crime or Terror?

BLOG: Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, the alleged “crotch bomber,” is currently begin held as a criminal in Michigan’s prison system. Obama administration representatives are on record stating that NW flight 253 was not a “battle field” and that this is a “criminal” case. Therefore, Mutallab has been read his Miranda rights (as are his colleagues on and immediately off of foreign battle fields under the current, misguided administration) and his case is being treated as an unlawful act in the US criminal justice system. I believe he should be treated as the terrorist he obviously is. He should be undergoing interrogation by the FBI and CIA from Guantanamo (a perfect detention facility for War On Terror enemy combatants that should NOT be closing) so we can extract all the information we possibly can from him prior to adjudication of his case in a US military tribunal. Instead we are providing him, free of charge, lawyers and US Constitutional rights. When, at our highest office, ideology trumps logic, we are all in trouble. The Mutallab case is a timely example of why I devoted an entire chapter of Re-United States to address the issue of Military Commissions. MW

See Charles Krauthammer’s article (link below) discsussing this issue from 01.05.2010

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Dream or Nightmare?

As Daniel Pipes discusses in his recent blog post, Europe may finally be waking up to the Islamization of their continent. If not for the fundamentalist nature of radical Islam that is hell bent on converting Europe and the West to their severe brand of Islam—not just the faith but the culture and the legal systems, no reaction by the West to Islam’s growth would be necessary. Islamists, aided by the silence of the “Silent Muslim Majority” and the West’s politically correct appeasements, do pose an existential threat to both Europe and America. While America still slumbers in laissez-faire ideology, Europe may finally be recognizing that their well-intentioned dreams of “tolerance” are actually a nightmare that threatens their culture and way of life. Re-United States is intended to “awaken” America before the threat becomes inexorable. MW

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